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centos 8 minimal install

What is CentOS

CentOS is a reproduction of Redhat enterprise Linux(RHEL), CentOS is a stable release unlike Fedora it is a beta version of RHEL, CentOS provides regular updates and security patches like Redhat. CentOS is open source platform, so anyone can download and use it it and distribute for free.

Virtual Box Installation

In this section we are going to install CentOS on a Oracle Virtual box, Please refer Oracle Virtual Box Installation in the following link

Install Virtual Box in MacBook — https://computercarriage.com/2020/06/20/install-oracle-virtualbox-part1/

How to create a virtual machine in Virtual Box — https://computercarriage.com/2020/06/21/create-virtual-machine/

Download Virtual Box — https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

CentOS 8 Minimal Install

We are going to install CentOS 8, We have lot of available options to download the ISO, We have full install DVD ISO, we have minimal version of the operating system, alternate methods are available such as torrents.

CentOS Sitehttps://www.centos.org/
CentOS Wikihttps://wiki.centos.org/
CentOS Docshttps://docs.centos.org/en-US/docs/
CentOS Release Versionhttps://wiki.centos.org/Manuals/ReleaseNotes/CentOS8.2004
CentOS Subscribehttps://lists.centos.org/mailman/listinfo/centos-docs

Step by Step Installation

Follow the screen shots, then you will be able to install the CentOS 8 minimal install , Select the first option “Install CentOS Linux 8” to continue the installation

CentOS 8 Install screen
CentOS 8 Install screen

Welcome screen will show the language option that are available, in this installation we are going to select English (India) option

Screen2-Language Selection
CentOS-Language Selection

Installation summary will be displayed, the text which are in Red has to be modified mandatory

CentOS-Selection screen
CentOS-Selection screen

Select the installation source, since we are installing via oracle virtual box virtual drive, leave the settings and click Done

Screen4-Installation Source
CentOS8-Installation Source

Select the Installation Destination as default, since we have created a 15GB of disk that is already selected, click Done to continue

Screen5-Disk selection
CentOS-Disk selection

Optional option to disable or enable, you can ignore this if you want to enable the core dump, in this section im disabling the kernel core dump, we can enable later, click Done to proceed further

Screen6-Kdump disable
CentOS8-Kdump disable

Select the Network settings and hostname, click the ON option and also set the hostname of the server as centos1 and click Apply. assign your won hostname as you want. click Done to proceed

Screen7-Network settings
CentOS8-Network settings

Select the software selection, in this installation we are going to install the minimal install, select Minimal Install and click Done to proceed the installation

Screen8-Software settings
CentOS8-Software settings

Final screens should show without errors, to proceed further in the installation, Click Begin Installation to proceed

Screen9-Final Settings
CentOS-Final Settings

Set the root password and create a user and set the password for the login

Screen10-Post settings
CentOS-Post install settings

Click Root Password and set the desired password,

Screen11-Set the root password
CentOS-Set the root password

Select User Creation and enter the user Full name, User name and Password section, if you want the user as an administrator Select the option Make this user administrator, click Done to continue

Screen12-Set the user password
CentOS 8 -Set the user password

Now the user has been created and root password has been set,

CentOS8 – root and user pwd set

Finally after few minutes the installation has been completed, Click Reboot


Post reboot, make sure the ISO media which is mounted in the Oracle virtual box has been removed and then power it on

You will find two option while booting, First option will boot the Operating system normally, Second option will boot the OS in rescue mode. Leave the default option to boot the operating system

Screen15-boot loader
CentOS – Boot Loader

Login with password as root or the user that you have cerated at the time of installation. Enter the command “ip a” to see the IP address of the server and login with putty or in terminal remotely access the server.

CentOS8 – Login Screen

Howto to Install CentOS Video Link

Also we have a youtube link for the above installation session in Video

Hope now you will be able to install the CentOS 8 Minimal install , in case of any issues please us know know your comments, also let us share your feedback

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