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Create Virtual machine

1. Introduction

In the previous posts we saw how to install Oracle Virtual Box in Macbook, In this section we are going to see how to create virtual machines in Oracle Virtual Box, This section implies to any oracle virtual box installation of Windows, Linux, Solaris & OS X.

In General Virtual machines uses the base of the Primary / Physical operating systems. It uses the CPU, Memory, Network resources of the base machine. The base machine can be Laptop / Desktop /Server.

Once the oracle Virtual Box is installed on the base machines we are ready to go for Creating virtual machines.

How to Install Virtual Box in Macbook –

Download Oracle Virtual Box –

2. Create a Virtual Machine

Open the Virtual box , we will see the Welcome screen

Create virtual machine 1

From the Welcome screen we will find Tools, Preferences, Import, Export , New and Add, we will see Options one by one.

You can also find the installation and create virtual box in our Video tutorial

Click Add to create a new virtual machine, Enter the name of the virtual machine, In section we are going to create Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server 64 bit installation.

vm name and type of os

Selection the Install location of the virtual machine, we are going to leave the default location of the virtual machine, Type of the VM, and Version of the operating system that we are going to install

3. Select the memory

Choose the memory size, by default the virtual box will choose the memory depending upon the base machine memory, you can increase or decrease according to the requirement, But should not exceed above the green colour

select the memory

Choosing the default option 1024MB (1GB) of memory.

4. Create a VM disk

Select the option Create a virtual hard disk now, since we are going to install for the first time, Select Create to continue

create a vm disk

5. Select the hard disk type

Select the type of the VM Disk, Choosing the default option VDI(Virtual Disk Image), Other options we will explore later in the upcoming posts.

select hdd type

Select the storage on the hard disk, Choosing the default option Dynamically allocated, since the space will be used according to the actual usage of the virtual machine.

vbox storage selection

Select size of the disk, In this vm we are going to create 20GB of the VDI, and choose the option where are going to create the virtual machine.

select the disk size

6. Additional Settings

Now the virtual machine is created, but we need to do some additional settings that will be useful, the below screen shot shows the virtual machine has been created

created vbox dashboard

Click the settings and apply as per the below screen shot

The first settings is to enable the network, by default NAT mode enabled, In order to use the WIFI network select the option “Bridged Adapter”, os that the virtual machine will get the IP Address from the WIFI modem / router. so that IP address of the virtual machines are always apply from the WIFI device.

vbpx network settings

Second settings is to add the ISO disk for the installation of the Operating system, we could see in IDE controller has enabled with ubuntu ISO image.

vbox storage settings

Finally we could see the settings are applied and visible in the dashboard. Recheck the settings are configured properly as per the below screen shot which is marked in blue

vbox settings

Network settings are optional, you can use different type of modes like NAT, Bridged, Host-only adapter, depending upon the requirement you can use it.

7. Conclusion

Hope now you can able to create virtual machines and you can try installing other operating systems.

you can also watch it on demand Video for the Oracle virtual box installation and create virtual machine

Let us know your comments and thoughts and inputs for create virtual machine

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