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Howto use journalctl command usage RHEL 7 / 8

syslogs which gets messages sent in systemd-journald and stored the data in the disk. To view the systemd messages execute journalctl and can be used with additional parameters. In this post we are going to see quick howto use journalctl command and how to use it

Simple IP calculator Subnet using korn shell script v1.0

In this post we are going to see how to write a script to find the subnet calculator, we are using korn shell to write. the interpreter we are going to use /bin/ksh, the korn shell supports MacOS, Linux and Unix flavours. This will be helpful for assign the ip address to the server ip planning.

CentOS 8 Minimal Install Easy

What is CentOS

CentOS is a reproduction of Redhat enterprise Linux(RHEL), CentOS is a stable release unlike Fedora it is a beta version of RHEL, CentOS provides regular updates and security patches like Redhat. CentOS is open source platform, so anyone can download and use it it and distribute for free.

dnf Package manager utility RHEL / CentOS 8 / Fedora

dnf or Dandified YUM utility used in since Fedora 18, RHEL / CentOS8, In this blog we are going to see dnf features and how to use. dnf package manager utility is used to install / remove / update package and dependencies, the dnf repolist command will display the available repos in the dnf repository

LVM Filesystem creation in Linux

LVM is a device mapper that manages the block devices. LVM disk can be resized, expect boot volume (/boot) all other file system can be made into LVM partitions.

We can dynamically allocate / de-allocate the file system with out rebooting the server. For expansion of disk is an online change, while removing a disk requires a minimal downtime.

Easy use of yum package manager RHEL-CentOS 6/7/8

YUM – Is Yellow Dog Update / Modifier, is a command line tool used as package manager. using yum we to install / update /remove the package.
Dependencies are installed automatically from the yum repository. In this section we are going to see general commands that are used for daily activities. YUM is free and open source.

Linux Operating System Distribution

Linux is Open source software in earlier stages, It has been the most used operating system in the world, the Linux distributions are based on collection of software, based on the package manager the Linux distributions are available, both Open source and commercial Operating systems are available.

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