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CentOS 8 Minimal Install Easy

What is CentOS

CentOS is a reproduction of Redhat enterprise Linux(RHEL), CentOS is a stable release unlike Fedora it is a beta version of RHEL, CentOS provides regular updates and security patches like Redhat. CentOS is open source platform, so anyone can download and use it it and distribute for free.

Git version control (latest 2.28.0) how to

In general the version control is used to preserve the changes made in a software codes, documents and other formats. For example if a group people are accessing the documents like release notes or instructions, if someone edits, so that we can find what he has changed from the previous versions, so that we can able to restore the changes made and back to original. we have the history of documents that are stored in version controlled.

Free Linux Distributions Downloads

Most of the Linux operating system is free to download, under GPL license anyone can download the software and use it, there are lot of distributions are available. Linux is a collection of softwares based on the Kernel.

And also linux operating system receives free updates, patches and security updates frequently. In this blog we will see Linux distributions which are frequently used and their download link.

Splunk enterprise software how-to – 8.0.6

Splunk software is used as a monitoring, searching, tracking structures and unstructured data for analyzing, Splunk is a machine learning mechanism captures, indexes, and get real-time data and convert into graphics like reports, alerts and dashboard, depending upon our needs we can generate it.

Splunk analyze high voulme of datas, using splunk API we can integrate lot of application in to the splunk, Lot of plungs are available in the splunkbase place. Few most common API are useful integrating splunk with VMWare, Splunk with OS logs to monitor availbility. Splunk with Service now.

ServiceNow IT Service Management tool (ITSM)

ServiceNow (SNOW) is IT Service Management tool (ITSM), It’s a software platform which support ITSM framework based on ITIL (Information technology Infrastructure library) service delivery model. SNOW ticketing tools is a robust IT service management framework and provider of specific IT solutions. The biggest benefit of your organization adopting to SNOW for its integration capabilities.

Docker Container Platform – Part1

Docker is a container that runs on the Base Operating system like Linux OS, Virtualization uses the hardware resources whereas Container uses the Installed Operating system resources. In other words container platform Docker is a system program that performs the operating system level virtualization.

Install Oracle VirtualBox on MacBook (Version 6.1)

Oracle Virtual Box creating virtual machines in the Desktop / Laptops. It uses very less space and less memory consumption, It is very easy and simple interface for the end user to work right away. It’s is free to use.

In this chapter we are going to install oracle Virtual Box installation and creating virtual machines in MacBook.

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