Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams

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Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams

How can I use breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams?

  • Only the meeting organizer can start breakout rooms.
  • The meeting organizer can start a breakout room on the desktop client only.
  • Participants can join a breakout room from desktop, web or mobile.

To user this feature, please make sure new meeting experience is enabled.

Make sure that the new meeting experience is enabled (Teams -> Settings -> General -> Check “Turn on new meeting experience”)

Once the Meeting has been started, please click on the double boxed icon as shown below to create break out rooms.

Select Manually and Select no of rooms you want to create, then click create rooms.

Click on three doted icons and select Rooms settings as shown below.

Click on three doted icons and select Rooms settings as shown below.

Enable the option “Participants can return to the main meeting”. This will allow participants to return to main meeting to ask questions or query during their breakout.

You will have a breakout rooms created as shown below.

Select the required names for each specified room/group, Click assign and then click the room in which the selected participants have to be joined.

Once you have assigned all participants to individual rooms as required, Click Start rooms which forces all participants to leave the parent meeting and will start room meeting with the members as assigned.

Note: Organizer should not leave primary meeting, else this will end the entire meeting. Organizer can join a Room to see what’s happening and it will place the main meeting on hold.

Once rooms meeting started, Individual participants will be in meeting as shown below.

If organizer wants to join a room to see what’s happening there, click on three dots option on required room and click join meeting as show below.

To make an announcement to all, click on the three dots icon in Breakout rooms option and select “Make an announcement”.

Below picture depicts, the participant is in Room1 Meeting and can return to main meeting for any queries and discussions.


Microsoft Reference URL for Breakout Rooms in Teams

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