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Brave Browser

What is Brave Browser

Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software Inc which was founded on 28 May 2015 by CEO Brendan Eich (creator of Javascript and former CEO of Mozilla Corporation) and CTO Brian Bondy] based on the Chromium web browser.

On 20 January 2016, Brave Software launched the first version of Brave with an ad-blocking feature, and announced plans for a privacy-respecting ad feature and a revenue sharing program. It blocks ads & website trackers and provides a way for users to send cryptocurrency contributions in the form of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) to websites and content creators.

Browser Business Models

Browsers like Chrome, Microsoft’s Edge and Apple’s Safari don’t care about making revenue through browser because their parent organizations value them for non-monetary reasons as well as their ability to produce revenue in different way.

But browsers like Firefox, are just the opposite: They generates revenue using any of below known options : Search royalties, Indirect market penetration, Improved tracking & Marketplace fees.

As Brave Browser blocks ads & website trackers they can’t generate revenue like what Firefox or other browsers do hence they introduced unusual business model: it strips out ads from websites, replaces them with its own ads, then allows users to send money (cryptocurrency) to sites they like.

Benefits of Brave Browser

  • Brave Browser Protects our Privacy

Using Brave Shields module, Brave Browser automatically blocks ads and trackers when you surf the web, you do not need to install an extension to filter the content of web pages such as AdBlock.

Brave Browser was designed to make the users’ privacy the core of its architecture. Thus, the few data collected by Brave Browser are anonymized. So, there is no tracking of your activity. You will be able to browse the Web safely since you will know that your personal data is not exposed to the sites you visit and to Google in the case of Chrome.

Like any other browser, Brave not treating you like product but a user who can enjoy the surfing without having to pay the price with your personal data.

  • Brave Browser is faster than any other browser

Brave Browser is one of the fastest browsers on the market due to its Ad blocking and no personal information capturing behaviour. It loads web pages 3 to 6 times faster than its competitors on mobile or desktop. Data consumption & memory utilization is also half as high with Brave as with Google Chrome.

  • Braver Browser allows you to support content creators with BAT Tokens

The main feature of Brave Browser is the Brave Rewards program. The objective is to support an Open Web by allowing users to reward content creators who are part of Basic Attention Token’s verified network with BAT tokens.

Once Brave Rewards is activated, the user can then send BAT to thank the creators of interesting content. This can be done directly at the time of navigation or by default applying recurring monthly payments for your favorite sites.Sites and content creators wishing to benefit from Brave Rewards must register on the Basic Attention Token project as a verified Brave publisher.

Do you guys want to try Brave?

Brave can be downloaded from this page of Brave Software’s site.

Download Brave

The page should automatically recognize the device’s operating system and offer the appropriate version. If it doesn’t, select from the choices at the bottom of the page: Windows x86 or Windows x64, Windows 7 or later; macOS 10.9 or later; or Linux x64 for Debian, Fedora, Ming, openSUSE and Ubuntu.

Mobile versions of the Brave browser (for iOS and Android) are available in the App Store and in Google Play, respectively.

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