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O365 Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transition – Continuation from Part1

Lets we continue to see more topics on knowledge transition for O365.

This part 2 guide will be helpful when you are scheduling the Knowledge Transition from other company when the support contract moving away from them to your organization.

The below Knowledge Transition questionnaires will help you to understand the environment of the customer once it answered.

General Exchange Application Environment

  • What are the Office 365 feature implemented Exchange\SharePoint\Lync\Yammer\Office365Pro?
  • Mailbox quota and Storage limit quota is default in office 365 or customized?
  • Journaling being applied on any mailboxes?
  • Contacts directly create on office 365?
  • Address book contain multiple domain users?

Backup/Restore Policy

  • Supporting mailbox restore for individual mailbox?
  • End user email restore documented or training conducted?


  • Is incident management in Scope
  • Is Problem Management in Scope
  • Is change management in scope
  • Which kind of changes need customer approval and which ones do not need?
  • Incident Queue details
  • Change Queue details
  • Contact person details for change management process
  • Current ongoing issues / workarounds
  • Process to create a mailbox
  • Process to create Distribution Group & Security Group
  • Process to create shared/resource mailbox
  • Process to change user’s UPN
  • Process for password reset
  • Process to provide mailbox access or calendar access permissions
  • Process to provide mailbox access or calendar access permissions on a user mailbox that doesn’t exist in the Org.

Business continuity

  • Multiple Directory synchronization available?
  • Multiple ADFS available?


  • Is there any kind of report that needs to be prepared?
  • If the answer is yes, how is it done? Manually or automatically? What is covered in the report?
  • How frequently we need to provide such reports (Monthly/weekly)?

List of documents required to validate

  • Licence Details
  • Attachment blacklist
  • Microsoft escalation & contact details
  • Last 3 Month ticekt details
  • Script for Reporting
  • OWA,ActiveSync,Retention policy details
  • SLA details
knowledge transition

Refer link for Deployment planning checklist for Microsoft 365

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