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Microsoft Office Lens is an impressive Android & iOS app which can turn your mobile phones into quick scanner.

This is one of the coolest app used little as office productivity app.

Hence here we going to see how to install, configure and use the app.

Microsoft Office Lens – Prerequisites

  • Install Office Lens
  • Install OneDrive app (Required if we want to store the scanned files in Our OneDrive)
  • Sign-in with your O365 account on both Microsoft Lens & OneDrive app.

                               * Download OneDrive Mobile Apps for iPhone or Android

                              * Download Office Lens Mobile Apps for iPhone or Android

(very first time only required)

As soon as we open Office Lens & OneDrive apps, we will be prompted to do sign-in (for the first time).

So please finish the sign-in of both the apps before proceeding further.

Microsoft Office Lens – Capture, review & edit image

On completion of sign-in process, open Microsoft Lens apps then you can choose a capture mode.


Save and share

Choose the available options for saving the file.

You can view your scanned files on your Onedrive under “Office Lens” folders

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