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Terraform infrastructure provisioning -Infra as Code Part 1

Terraform infrastructure provisioning

Automating infrastructure as a code is ease by using terraform, we can use terraform to build servers as Infrastructure as a code, We can build easily using terraform in AWS, Azure, VMWare environments easily with simple codes. This will help us to minimize work load. There are lot of tools in market like general purpose continuous integration , but terraform allows us to make more efficient and convenient and powerful. create resources on demand

Docker Container Platform – Part1

Docker is a container that runs on the Base Operating system like Linux OS, Virtualization uses the hardware resources whereas Container uses the Installed Operating system resources. In other words container platform Docker is a system program that performs the operating system level virtualization.

Compress and Archive IIS logs using PS Script

Compress and Archive IIS logs using PS Script

The low disks space may lead to cause service outage to the customer if that unnoticed.
As we know most of the disk space gets occupied by log files and that could be any log files on windows or third party application running on windows.

Exchange servers can consume lot of IIS log files over time.As a best practice administrators configure IIS to store logs on a different disk to avoid problems, rest will wait for free disk space alerts and manually remove old logs from time to time.

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