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Docker Container Platform – Part1

Docker is a container that runs on the Base Operating system like Linux OS, Virtualization uses the hardware resources whereas Container uses the Installed Operating system resources. In other words container platform Docker is a system program that performs the operating system level virtualization.

Create Virtual machine in Oracle Virtual box 6.1

In General Virtual machines uses the base of the Primary / Physical operating systems. It uses the CPU, Memory, Network resources of the base machine. The base machine can be Laptop / Desktop /Server.

Once the oracle Virtual Box is installed on the base machines we are ready to go for Creating virtual machines.

Install Oracle VirtualBox on MacBook (Version 6.1)

Oracle Virtual Box creating virtual machines in the Desktop / Laptops. It uses very less space and less memory consumption, It is very easy and simple interface for the end user to work right away. It’s is free to use.

In this chapter we are going to install oracle Virtual Box installation and creating virtual machines in MacBook.

dnf Package manager utility RHEL / CentOS 8 / Fedora

dnf or Dandified YUM utility used in since Fedora 18, RHEL / CentOS8, In this blog we are going to see dnf features and how to use. dnf package manager utility is used to install / remove / update package and dependencies, the dnf repolist command will display the available repos in the dnf repository

LVM Filesystem creation in Linux

LVM is a device mapper that manages the block devices. LVM disk can be resized, expect boot volume (/boot) all other file system can be made into LVM partitions.

We can dynamically allocate / de-allocate the file system with out rebooting the server. For expansion of disk is an online change, while removing a disk requires a minimal downtime.

Easy steps to install ansible command line on Ubuntu 18.04

Ansible is an open source tool used to automate the daily tasks and avoid the repeated tasks, Ansible works on python and ssh protocol to communicate with the nodes. Ansible works on Control / Managed nodes, Control node is an Ansible node and client nodes are called managed nodes. We can use any servers as an Ansible control node, According to the Requirements we can configure Ansible control node.

On-Demand sar command usage (Ubuntu 18.04)

sar informations are recorded for each and every second, we can see the current sar data’s as well as historic datas from the sar file, two files are written in the default path of sar configuration. i.e., saXX and sarXX

Use sar -f will get the historic data , example sar -f /var/log/sa/sa10 -r, will show the memory usage for the month day10.

Easy use of yum package manager RHEL-CentOS 6/7/8

YUM – Is Yellow Dog Update / Modifier, is a command line tool used as package manager. using yum we to install / update /remove the package.
Dependencies are installed automatically from the yum repository. In this section we are going to see general commands that are used for daily activities. YUM is free and open source.